The 2021 “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” takes its name from the lines, “One truck in front of me, one behind me to follow/ Lemme get a lemon pepper order, please.” So, what’s he ordering? Lemon pepper shrimp? Lemon pepper chicken wings? One can never be sure, but at least now we know it’s one of Drake’s favorite spice mixes.

Later, he raps about other food sensations that every broke college student and overworked employee loves: “Instant noodles, Sriracha, I still taste it/ When mama was too tired to cook and we had the basics/ Instant noodles, Sriracha, I still taste it/ Now it’s a movie, I’m back at Bellag’, wasted.”

Instant noodles with Sriracha sauce is a delicious combo no matter how rich a person becomes. But obviously, with enough money to bet high and order bottle service at the Bellagio Resort & Casino, Drake no longer has to slurp instant noodles out of necessity. His estimated net worth, by the way, ranges from $180 million (Wealthy Gorilla) to $250 million (Celebrity Net Worth), with Parade setting it at about $200 million.