Once your cheese sauce and macaroni are ready to go, you will add the noodles to the sauce. Mix everything together until the ingredients are well-combined. See, we told you the pot for the sauce should be large!

This is the point where you will pour your mac and cheese into a baking dish. And then, you will add even more cheese, with Goldstein instructing home cooks to sprinkle a cup of sharp cheddar over the noodles and cheese sauce mixture. Now, the dish is ready for the oven! Goldstein recommends placing the dish on the middle rack and cooking your crave-worthy creation for 20 minutes or so at 350 degrees.

We asked Goldstein how not to over-bake the mac and cheese, and he stressed, “Bake the dish on the middle rack. Also, you can cover the dish with tin foil to prevent burning.”

Finally, enjoy this copycat Trader Joe’s mac and cheese recipe! But remember, this recipe’s flavors will combine over time for some amazing leftovers.