Chef Daniel Holzman is joining TODAY to share two positively perfected classic comfort food recipes from his new cookbook, “Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts.” He shows us how to make a classic chicken Parmesan with a 40-minute red sauce you can put on anything, plus a mac and cheese that strikes the perfect balance between crispy and creamy.

Courtesy Ed Anderson

The key to the best chicken Parm is nailing all the important ratios: too little sauce and dish will be dry; too much cheese and it’s a gooey mess. Make sure you pound the chicken thin and shallow fry it in good olive oil, then bake the fried chicken cutlets with the sauce, which allows the breading to absorb the flavors of the tomatoes. The cutlets are simple to prepare and freeze well for up to two months, making them an ideal candidate for a meal prep. This is a super easy and delicious utility sauce and only has five ingredients plus salt — can use as a dip for calamari, for lasagna or for this chicken Parm.

Creamy and Crusty Mac and Cheese

Courtesy Ed Anderson

Mac and cheese is America’s ultimate comfort food — and very much mine, too. But getting the center creamy and the outside crusty eludes most of us. This recipe cracks the code.

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