I thought the tomatoes took the macaroni and cheese to the next level, but the Martha Stewart recipe was much cheesier.

The finished Ina Garten macaroni and cheese.

Erin McDowell/Insider

The Ina Garten version tasted like an adult-friendly version of a childhood favorite, while the Martha Stewart version was more classic. The tomatoes added a ton of tart flavor to the dish and a unique texture, but I was torn over which I preferred.

Both recipes have their high points, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that the Ina Garten recipe was cheaper due to the fact I only needed two kinds of cheese. It was also easier to make. With the Stewart version, I had to prep onions and grate four kinds of cheese, for not that much more flavor at the end.

If I was to choose which one to make again, I would definitely opt for the Ina Garten macaroni and cheese. I enjoyed the addition of the tomatoes and thought they’d pair well with other Thanksgiving foods despite the added flavor. However, if tomatoes and stuffing don’t sound good together, you can always leave them out — the macaroni and cheese is still great without them.