For the Gochujang Pulled Shin of Scotch Beef:

Preheat the oven to 140C fan / 160C oven / Gas mark 3

Get a cast iron dutch oven or an ovenproof pot with a lid, add a small glug of oil to the pot and allow to come up to a medium heat

Add the shin of beef, sear until golden brown, season liberally with salt and pepper

Turn all of the pieces so everything is seared

Have the beef stock ready in a jug, add all of the ingredients into the jug and mix well, allowing the gochujang paste to melt a little bit in the hot stock

Pour everything over the beef

Put the pot in the oven with the lid on for two hours

After two hours have passed the meat will need to be pulled apart and soak in the juices, do this and then put the pot back in the oven for a further 1.5 hours

Check if it needs additional seasoning before adding to your mac and cheese and serving it

For the Trodden Black Kimchi Mac and Cheese:

Begin by boiling the pasta in well salted water. Boil for two minutes less than the instructions on the packet

Put a non-stick pan on a medium low heat on the hob. Add the butter and vegetable oil and allow them to melt together.

Allow the butter to brown a little to add nuttiness.

Add the flour and gently whisk it together in the butter and oil. Cook the mixture out for at least 2-3 minutes until the flour has made a roux.

Add about 1/3 of the milk and continually whisk the roux paste into it. Once completely combined, add the other 2/3 of the milk and continue stirring

Add all of the cheese, the Dijon mustard and whisk into the milk. Continue mixing this on a medium low heat until the sauce thickens and all of the cheese is fully melted. Once melted, add the cream and mix through for richness

Season everything with salt and pepper to your taste.

Add the kimchi to the sauce

Add all of the cooked macaroni to the kimchi-cheese sauce and stir.

Add the pulled gochujang beef on top of each portion and enjoy piping hot.